Blue Dog Shearing Service
    I started shearing alpacas and llamas 5 years ago while I worked on a local
alpaca farm part time. I traveled as assistant shearer all spring, then learned
to shear on a 100 animal herd that summer.

The next year I had 5 animals of my own to shear, as well as helping shear
the animals at my friends farm again.

When she moved I continued shearing my animals, and a few local people she
had sheared for as well.

Then I started getting more calls, more referrals, and more animals. I went to
a clinic in Ohio to learn show shearing, and how to fine tune the way I did
things; then last year I decided to actually turn it into a business and start
shearing for more people.

I use a tilt table for alpacas and work to keep everything low stress, for the
animals and the people. I sweep out every animal to minimize VM and dirt in
the final fleeces, and shear to minimize second cuts. I spin, and I always try to
shear a fleece I would enjoy working with myself.

I charge $30 per animal, and try to group small farms in one area to minimize
or eliminate travel fees. Toenails are included in the charge, but I charge
extra for working on teeth.

I currently have 8 alpacas myself, 6 fiber boys, and 2 girls. My animals are
pets, and I spin and knit all my fiber. I regularly teach spinning classes, on
drop spindle or wheel, and do demonstrations locally. I have a huge passion
for all things fibery, and also felt, dye, and make spinning equipment.
Pocket Before

Pocket After

Miss Pixie Popper, head of all
things cranky and spitty.

Jodi, my sweetness.

Snap and Andy on their hill.
Felicia Payne        
2534 S 800 W
Kewanna, IN 46939