The Blue Dog
You must be ready to teach and exercise a Catahoula. If not, he will eat your house.
The Catahoula will not let you forget that you own a dog. -Don Abney
Zak as a puppy being harshly scolded
by his first kitten. He has raised quite
a few kittens now and firmly believes
himself a mother cat.
Ready to hit the road and tell me how
to get to wherever he wants to go.
 Zak is my full time business partner, navigation system, official greeter, and
head of food disposal. He lends me the use of his truck for transportation,
under the condition that we stop at Smith's farm store for pig ears at regular

 I got Zak from a rescue when he was 10 weeks old. He is a blue merle
Catahoula Leopard dog, and obvious proof that perfect dogs come from
rescues. As a Catahoula he needs to be with me at least 24 hours a day, and
does not believe I can start the truck without him in it.

 His navigation abilities amaze me, I can be as lost as possible, and if I follow
his directions I will always end up at my grandparents house or home,
possibly with a stop at McDonalds. This even works from downtown South
Bend in traffic. This reduces my need to ever know where I am, as he always
does.  He will also direct me to clients houses we are close to, but he is always
biased to go to places with dog friends or easily earned cookies, so he will
misdirect me if I don't pay attention. People think I am telling tall tales until
they ride with us and watch him argue with me about a turn I did or didn't

 Catahoulas are traditionally trained for hunting and herding. They will hunt
everything from wild boar and bear to coons and squirrels. Zak likes
everything too much to hunt, but from the time he first saw an alpaca he
knew he was a herding dog. He herds my ducks, chickens, and alpacas. He
attempts to herd the cats, but it never works well. His favorite animals are his
cats, many of which he has raised from kittenhood. He takes over job of
mother cat, daily bathing, playing, and letting them nurse on him. He is often
found under the covers in the morning with his cats all cuddled up with him.
He believes they are all small dogs that talk funny.

Zak being my ever helpful
knitting model.
Felicia Payne        
2534 S 800 W
Kewanna, IN 46939