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Hoof Care-
Websites - Pete Ramey's site. There are tons of articles and information available here, and it is updated with more
information often. - Linda Cowles website. Tons of articles, information, and resources. - Cindy Sullivan's website. Good articles, and great information on wild hooves. Lots of pictures of wild
hooves from differant terrains. - Chad Bembenek's website. He lives in Wisconsin, I've been honored to be able to work with him.
He gives classes and seminars, and if you get an oportunity to hear him speak, DO! - The school I am currently attending. They teach a whole horse based approach to hoof
care taught by numerous instructors. If you are looking to get into hoof care this is the place to do it. - The makers of Easyboots. They also have tons of info on hoof care, along with fitting and using boots,
tips and tricks, and current research. - Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate's site. Very informative and she offers online classes in many
subjects besides just hoof care. - Kim Cassidy's website. - Paige Poss's website. Lots of good pictures and information. Great anatomy website, you can see what
is going on
inside the hoof. Warning- if you don't like disection style photo's stay out of the anatomy sections. - Katy Watts website on grass and laminetic horses. Great information for all horse owners to read, but a
must if you have an easy keeper or laminitis-prone horse. If everyone would read and utilize this website, I wouldn't
have to work on laminetic horses! - Very good website with trimming info and hoof care ideas. - Jaime Jacksons natural pasturing website. Great ideas on promoting movement and creating a
enviroment for rock crushing hooves. - Dave Richards Equicast website. Includes case studies and info on use. - Manufacture of Thrush Off, my favorite thrush remedy. Will not burn live tissue or irritate wounds.
Safe for use with severe thrush (most products are not). I've had better luck with this then any other remedy, even when only
used twice a week.


Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You- by Pete Ramey

The Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoof Care- by Jaime Jackson

Paddock Paradise- by Jaime Jackson

Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way- by Jaime Jackson

The Chosen Road- by KC La Pierre

Websites - Great training site about liberty/clicker training for everything not just classical dressage. All
about 'for the horse' style trainging. - Karen Pryors clicker training website. Has all the equipment, and tons of books and resources. Plus
lots of free articles and videos on training everything from dogs and horses to llamas and goldfish. - Alexandra Kurlands website. Clicker training for horses. Tons of info, articles, and clinics. - Dr. Deb Bennetts website. She literally wrote the book on conformation analysis. Her articles are
incredibly informative, everyone should read the Ranger article and the Lessons from Woody. She discusses training from an
anatomical standpoint, teaching the horse to carry himself in the best possible way. You can spend days on this website!
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