Natural Hoof Care
    The health of a horse is reflected in his hooves. The hooves can only be as healthy as
the horse; and the horse only as healthy as his hooves. Natural hoof care is not just
"shoeless" hoof care. A foundered horses hooves cannot be rehabilitated until you look at
the foundered horse that stands on them.

  Bad saddle fit can cause mis-matched hooves and thrushy hooves can create painful
body issues. Long term chronicly foundered horses often become sound after diet
change, and strange hoof forms can disapear with chiropractic work. A horse is connected
head to toe, nose to tail, you can not seperate off a part or piece and only focus on that in
your search for health, you have to consider the horse as a whole.

  Horses were not created for our use, they were not designed for the life we ask them to
live. Common health problems are often a result of their nature battling our nurture. If
we can honestly look at how the horse was designed, and how he is supposed to live, then
we can easily see how it is usually our lifestyle that has caused our problems while the
horse was simply doing the only thing he can do, knows how to do, and has every fiber of
his being 100% committed to doing... being a horse.        

It is the mark of an educated man and a tribute to his culture that he look for perfection in a thing, though only
as it's nature allows.- Aristotle
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